About Us

What We Are About

Our mission is to create opportunities for marginalized communities of color and their supporters to be ENGAGED, ENCOURAGED, and ENLIGHTENED as they are EDUCATED. 

We clear the noise of media hype and sensationalists to get to the facts that are pertinent to our people and collective human well-being and offer opportunities for users to connect, add to the conversation, and engage in a dialogue about solutions. As we grow this platform, we’ll develop tools that makes working together to implement those solutions a functional and practical process where in supporters from all walks of like can engage.  

What We Are NOT About

  • We are not a racist or nationalist organization.
  • We do not condone hate, abuse, discrimination,  marginalization of or violence against any group of people.
  • We are not opposed to users and supporters of other skin tones or ethnicities. 
  • We will not tolerate any of these things on this platform. 

That being said we do support acknowledgement of our collective reality, acceptance of the truth, and open dialogue pertaining to both. We will not avoid difficult discussions and challenging perspectives. The purpose is to find and implement solutions to our woes. We are in support of any reasonable avenue that accomplishes that purpose and will reject any that prohibits it.